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Carolina’s Promise is a giving campaign with an ambitious goal of reaching $1 billion in donations by 2015. All contributions toward any area of the University will count toward this goal. The Carolina’s Promise campaign is an investment in the future of the University of South Carolina that will allow us to improve the quality of life in our state and throughout the world.

What’s the benefit of a focused giving campaign?

The Carolina’s Promise Campaign establishes a timeframe for giving, a sense of urgency, and a focused goal. We must invest in the success of Carolina today in order to reap the benefits of a stronger University in the future.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase student scholarships, fellowships, and financial aid
  • Accelerate discoveries and technology transfer through faculty research
  • Support recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty
  • Strengthen Carolina’s competitiveness by improving academic facilities, technologies, and living-learning environments
  • Secure Carolina’s future by building our endowment
  • Raise support of key initiatives, including sustainable energy, health, and aerospace technology

“The promise of Carolina includes teaching our largest student population ever, launching this unprecedented capital campaign, and inspiring a better way of life in South Carolina and beyond through intellectual curiosity, sound science, and the pursuit of economic prosperity.” – President Harris Pastides