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Palmetto College

On April 18, 2013, the University of South Carolina formally launched the Palmetto College online bachelor’s degree completion program. Students with a minimum of 60 credit units who meet University academic admission standards, are now eligible to complete their bachelor’s degree online.

Administered by the University’s campuses in Spartanburg, Aiken, and Beaufort and its flagship campus in Columbia, Palmetto College will deliver seven degree programs:

  • business administration
  • criminal justice
  • nursing
  • elementary education
  • liberal studies
  • organizational leadership
  • human services

Hallmarks of Palmetto College


Palmetto College courses are taught by the same outstanding faculty serving the University’s campuses and students use the same academic advisors, financial aid, library resources, and other services.


Palmetto College students will pay $700 less per semester in tuition than students on the Columbia campus. Because online education requires less investment for physical infrastructure and overhead, it can be delivered at a more affordable price.


Palmetto College’s online courses offer students the flexibility and freedom to focus on schoolwork when their personal schedule allows. This is a huge advantage for working adults whose work schedules may change from week to week.


For those living in remote and rural parts of South Carolina, or even out of state, online education eliminates the need to commute to campus. In the world of online education, the classroom is only as far away as the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or the comfort of one’s own home or office.

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