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The College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest, largest and most diverse academic unit on the Columbia campus, home to 19 core disciplines and 53 interdisciplinary programs, centers, institutes and schools, as well as an enrollment of more than 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Fundraising opportunities for the year ahead include expanding student internships and graduate fellowships, recruiting and retaining top faculty positions and support for a program that brings prize-winning authors to campus for in-depth interactive seminars.

Vinnie Suarez

Senior Director of Development

Vinnie Suarez

J. Welsh Humanities Building
Columbia, SC 29208 USA


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Research & Academic Excellence

Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund

Recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty.

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The Complete Student Experience

Community Corps. Internship Program (ASCIP)

College-wide experiential education program, placing A&S students with local non-profit organizations whose mission and/or placement opportunity mesh with the students’ career goals. There is also a faculty mentor component to the program.

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Theatre and Dance

This fund is set up for promoting and accepting gifts of the use and benefit of the University of South Carolina Theatre Program.

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Scholarships & Educational Access

Graduate Fellowship Fund

College-wide support of graduate students via fellowship awards.

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Institutional Impact

Open Book Fund

Support of one of the College’s (and USC’s) most popular annual lecture series, The Open Book, which brings highly acclaimed, prize-winning authors to campus for a public course, community read, and literary series all in one.

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