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Since becoming South Carolina’s first nationally accredited baccalaureate nursing program in 1957, the College of Nursing has produced nearly 10,000 graduates who improve the accessibility and quality of health care throughout the state, nation and world. Immediate fundraising priorities for the college include scholarships, support for the Center for Cancer Survivorship, endowments for faculty positions, professional development for faculty and the Children and Family Healthcare Center.

Monica Cromer

Director of Development

Monica Cromer

Williams-Brice Building
Room 421
Columbia, SC 29208 USA


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Research & Academic Excellence

Center for Cancer Survivorship

Research center focusing on cancer survivors’ health and quality of life with behavioral interventions.

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The Complete Student Experience

Clinical Simulation Lab

Support for equipment, technology and facility space

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International Study

Support for students studying abroad in Germany.

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Scholarships & Educational Access

Endowed Chairs, Professors, Deanship

Discretionary fund of $2-$5 million needed.

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Institutional Impact

Children and Family Healthcare Center

Need new building and operating money, marketing, signage.

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