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Now in its new home in the Hamilton College building, the College of Social Work prepares professionals to work with vulnerable populations and address issues of social justice and social wellbeing, including impoverished communities, violence, addictions, mental illnesses and health disparities. Immediate funding priorities for research and study at the college include support for military, veterans, and their families, international social work, helping seniors to live independently, and student scholarship support.


Sarah W. Wells

Assistant Director of Development

Sarah W. Wells

Hamilton College
Columbia, SC 29208 USA


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Research & Academic Excellence

Pilot Research for Social Work Innovation

This would provide seed funding for any of a number of faculty-driven research and engagement projects, such as faith-based social work, school engagement, criminal justice, autism, etc.

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The Complete Student Experience

International Research, Study and Field Placements

We have partnerships in Korea, Vietnam, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala and India that we would like to have graduate student engagement in via study abroad opportunities.

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Scholarships & Educational Access

Student Support

Student support via scholarships, fellowships and paid field stipends is always the #1 priority for the COSW. Our students graduate with an enormous amount of debt to enter into a profession that they knowingly will not make much money in.

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Institutional Impact

Newman Institute for Peace and Social Justice

The I. DeQuincey Newman Institute for Peace and Social Justice seeks to continue the mission of Reverend I. DeQuincey Newman by promoting social justice through interdisciplinary education, consultation, and research at the community, state, national, and international levels. Under the leadership of the director, Ronald O. Pitner, the Newman Institute is committed to promoting linkages between the university community, the broader community, and the region.

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