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When you give directly to this area, you're supporting their Carolina Fund and the projects that have the greatest need.

Palmetto College’s online degree programs provide flexibility, convenience and affordability for students to pursue new jobs, promotions or salary increases that require a four-year bachelor's degree. Fundraising priorities for the College in the months ahead include student scholarships, computer and web access support and providing educational access to military personnel.

Chris DeWolf

Sr. Director of Development, Palmetto College

Chris DeWolf

1600 Hampton Street
Suite 738
Columbia, SC 29208 USA


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The Complete Student Experience

Fort Jackson Endowed Internship Program

Support students seeking internships in industries that enable them to advance their career or pursue a career change.

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Scholarships & Educational Access

Computer and Web Access Support

Ability to provide computer equipment as well as low cost or free broadband service to needy students.

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Fort Jackson Endowed Scholarship Program

Assist military and their families in their pursuit of education to enhance their post-military career opportunities.

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Last Dollar Endowed Scholarships

An endowment that enables Palmetto College to place tuition and educational expenses on par with alternative educational paths students may consider.

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Scholarship Support

Endowed and spendable scholarships for needy students enrolled in the online Bachelor’s degree completion program.

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